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  • A plant-based approach to skincare, rooted in science
    We know just how overwhelming it can be to try out endless products and question each of their ingredients until you find what works best for you and your little one. That’s why we are on a mission to do all of the groundwork for you -- promising plant-based products that actually work. If you’re here with us right now, you know that plant-based is the way to go!


  • "We tried all the diaper creams out there until we found Pure Project. After using this brand’s diaper cream, our baby’s 40-days old diaper rashes were gone in 2 days!"
    Diaper Cream
    H**** Y****
  • "Amazing shampoo! I’ve never used a product with organic ingredients that makes my hair so soft and smells so good!"
    Daily Shampoo
    F**** S****
  • "Best detangler spray ever! I’m a chemist myself and this spray has clean ingredients. I am using the detangler on my daughter’s hair cause it hurts too much when combing. We are so happy!"
    Conditioning Hair Detangler
    K**** A****
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