We are nearing the end of a difficult 2020 year. We began with excitement and hope, but we were unable to live the social lives we desired. We, our children, spouse, relatives, neighbors, and friends were all sick, and we were scared and sad. While some of us had a nightmare year, others made every effort to protect ourselves and our loved ones.Every day during the pandemic, we felt the hardships and damages of city life to the fullest. We all tried to spend as much time as possible in nature. We couldn't imagine living without cologne and disinfectant while eating a healthy diet and keeping our homes clean. We began reviewing all of the cosmetic products we use in order to live a healthier life. We kept those that had expired and those that contained chemicals that were harmful to our health and the environment away from us. We have turned to pure, clean, organic products to replace all of these outdated cosmetic products that are safe for our health and are made entirely from natural plants.

PURE PROJECT is a brand we created for you, your baby, and your child that you value more than yourself and that you can choose with confidence and peace of mind. We understand that when it comes to baby and child skin care products, you want those with safe, non-toxic ingredients and the best results. For your beloved puppies, you are turning to paraben, sulfate, alcohol-free, perfume-free, dermatologically tested, not tested on animals, vegan products. Little Pure Project is a brand that sells products for babies and children that are made with clean, natural, herbal, and organic ingredients.

To avoid diaper problems, we recommend cleaning your baby's bottom with Pure Project Cleansing and Calming Bottom Spray after each diaper change. You will also notice that there is no trace of dirt or bad odor in the diaper area after using the butt spray. Use Pure Project Nourishing Face and Body Lotion to moisturize and nourish your baby's bottom before putting on a clean diaper.

If your baby has a rash for any reason (read my blog post titled "What causes diaper rash in babies?"), we recommend using Pure Project Diaper Cream after cleaning the diaper area with Pure Project Cleansing and Calming Bottom Spray. When you apply the diaper cream in a thick layer every time you put on a new diaper, you will notice that it both protects your baby's skin from the damage that pee and poop cause, and that the redness fades quickly due to its zinc-free formula.

We recommend Pure Project Hair and Body Shampoo if you want your baby or child to have fun and relax while bathing. This product is completely natural, derived from plants, does not contain sulfates, perfumes, or synthetic ingredients, and has an eye-friendly formula. Pure Project Small Bath Brush for babies and Pure Project Large Bath Brush for children can be used to gently clean their skin. By inhaling your puppy's sweet scent after a bath, you can forget about your tiredness from the day. After drying them, apply Pure Project Nourishing Face and Body Lotion to your face and body. As a result, their skin will remain silky until the next bath.

Pure Project Do-It-All Baby Balm is another product we have for the little ones' hardened areas. Don't be concerned about your baby's knees and elbows becoming stiff from running and playing while he or she is crawling. Apply a small piece of honey that has been warmed in your palm to your baby's hardened skin every night before bed. You will notice that your skin is soft again when you wake up in the morning. Do-It-All Baby Balm can also be made with pure, clean, vegetable, and organic oils that are free of preservatives and perfumes. You will notice a reduction in your problems and soft skin after applying it to your dry hands, lips, skin, and hardened heels, elbows, and knees before going to bed at night.

We've also created adorable gift boxes for you to give Pure Project products to your loved ones. If you want to give a healthy and stylish gift to a new baby acquaintance, a friend celebrating their child's birthday, or a relative as a New Year or holiday celebration, you can choose a Welcome Baby Box, a Soft Box, a Box Without Rash, or a Box Out of the Bath. In this way, you can share the joy of sharing nature's purity and cleanliness with your loved ones through the safe and effective products you give.

As the Pure Project family, we are excited to bring you healthy, safe, effective, and clean baby and child skin care products as we transition from 2020 to 2021. We will continue to work on new products with care and enthusiasm in order to ensure your satisfaction. Love, I hope to see you in healthy and happy days in 2021.



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