We understand how difficult it is to find natural, honest, herbal, and effective baby care products. As a result, we began to research, create, and develop products that parents can use with confidence and peace of mind. And now we are ready to present our first products to you. We are overjoyed.

Pure Project is a family. A brand founded by a mother who is a chemical engineer and her daughter who works in finance and cares about you. We believe that your family's most valuable assets deserve the best possible start in life. As a result, we carefully craft our products, using only organic and herbal ingredients. We make numerous attempts to make it work.

In our products, we use shea, lavender, chamomile, calendula, argan, avocado, St. John's Wort, jojoba, aloe vera, sunflower, sweet almond oils, and olive oil. Parabens, petrochemicals, sulfates (SLS), mineral oils, synthetic fragrances, or colorants are never used. We do not conduct animal testing.

Each of our formulas has been carefully crafted to nourish and soothe the skin of our children. From the first day of your baby's life, each of our products is at your bedside.

Our goal is to be a skin care brand that both parents and children will enjoy. We promise to work harder and do better for your family in the future.




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